COVID-19 Procedures

(Updated 7/31/2020)

As of July 31, the CYO Department has decided to suspend all competition between programs for the foreseeable future. This means that no CYO teams are permitted to schedule, coordinate, or carry out games or matches with any other CYO programs for any reason.

Because physical activity, team building, and a return to normalcy are imperative in some form for our youth, CYO programs may have the option to independently conduct sports activities starting on September 1st. This decision will be reviewed and finalized again before the 9/1 start date.

This independent model will only include in-house practices, intrasquad scrimmages, and skill-building activities within the same CYO team.

ANY CYO activities being conducted in-house must follow the below guidelines:

  • -Any programs operating within their parish umbrella, using parish facilities, and/or with parish funds, must be approved by the Pastor or Priest Moderator overseeing CYO.
  • -Any programs operating under the school umbrella, using school facilities, and/or functioning with school funds, must be approved by the Principal or school moderator overseeing CYO.
  • Parents must sign a waiver allowing their child to participate in CYO activities given the circumstances of COVID-19.
  • -CYO programs/boards must adopt the parish or school’s health and safety plan for procedures relating to COVID-19 and the necessary steps being taken to disinfect publicly used areas. If no plan is provided, the CYO athletics board must form and construct a health and safety plan and present it to the CYO Director.
  • -Any child attending a CYO activity of any kind must be pre-screened by a parent for COVID-19 symptoms, and screened again upon entry to the CYO event.
  • -Parents, volunteers, coaches, and any other attendees (besides players) must socially distance and wear a mask AT ALL TIMES while associated with a CYO activity. Per the Department of Education, athletes are not required to wear masks while engaged in competition, but must put a mask on while on the sidelines.
  • -Coaches must use social distancing in practices whenever possible.
  • -Intrasquad scrimmages and in-house competition will be the only competition permitted under the guise of the CYO.
  • -Regional and Archdiocesan post-season tournaments will be suspended barring any drastic changes to the current state of the pandemic.