COVID-19 Updates

(Updated 2/18/2021)


Guidelines for the CYO season (as of 2/18) are below. CYO programs may be asked to adapt and adjust their procedures to accommodate shifts in state and city mandates regarding COVID-19 safety.

The CYO Office and Office of Catholic Education are happy to announce that Spring Baseball, Softball, and Track & Field have been permitted to begin their seasons on March 1, 2021.

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures for 2021 Spring Sports Season

In accordance with guidance set forth by the Center for Disease Control, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Archdiocese Office of Catholic Education, the following safety plan provides baseline requirements for any CYO program participating in Spring Track & Field, Baseball, Softball, and Field Hockey.

               Requirements for CYO teams:

  • Physical contact between players is to be avoided as much as possible during practices.
  • Small groups and pods are encouraged to be used as much as possible, especially with players coming from different schools.
  • Track & Field programs should separate runners by grade to maintain school cohorts.
  • Social distancing should be utilized as much as possible at practices.
    • Baseball and Softball dugouts may be used for equipment storage, but players should distance behind the dugout when not on the field.
  • All Players, Coaches, and Spectators are required to wear masks.
    • Section 3 of the Updated Order Requiring Universal Face Coverings grants exceptions to those who are negatively affected or impeded by the use of a facemask. All alternatives to wearing a face covering, including the use of a face shield, should be exhausted before an athlete is exempted from wearing a mask.
    • Parents should be prepared to provide documentation from a physician if exemptions are being used.
  • Teams playing after another game taking place should wait for the entirety of the teams and spectators to leave and sanitize bench and stands before entering.
  • Handshakes, high-fives, hugs, etc. are restricted.
  • Shared equipment should be sanitized as much as possible.
  • Hand washing and/or sanitizing should be utilized as much as possible.

Screening & Contact Tracing:

  • Parents or guardians are responsible for monitoring the well-being and health of each individual who participates in any CYO activity in any capacity. 
  • It is recommended that temperatures are taken before attendance at CYO activities.
  • Children should be pre-screened by parents to determine if any symptoms of illness are shown.
  • Children should be individually screened again upon entry to CYO facilities. This screen can occur with coaches, volunteers, athletic directors, building managers, etc.
  • A child should not attend any CYO activity or facility if any of the following symptoms occur: Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Chills, Muscle Aches or Pain, Headache, Loss of Smell or Taste.
  • If anyone in the child’s household is showing any of the above symptoms, it is recommended they be tested for COVID-19. If a positive test is the result, the child(ren) are required to quarantine for 14 days. (See Quarantine Calendar to determine exact quarantine lengths based on exposure, symptoms, tests, etc.
  • If a player or team is exposed or registers a positive COVID test and it is determined other players, coaches, or spectators could be compromised, the coach and/or Athletic Director should contact trace to the best of their ability.
    • If contact tracing is not adequate, the team(s) involved will suspend operations and quarantine for the recommended length of time (See Quarantine Calendar to determine exact quarantine lengths based on exposure, symptoms, tests, etc.)
    • Schools should be notified of positive tests, possible exposure, and all applicable information where available.
    • Consult with your local health office to report positive cases and utilize their resources to facilitate contact tracing where available.

Requirements for CYO Programs/Regions:

  • Spectators are required to wear masks at all times.
  • One (1) spectator per athlete is permitted to attend practices and competitions so as to limit crowds.
  • Social distancing is required where possible for all spectators.
  • Spectators and teams must be on opposite sidelines where possible.
  • Any practices or competitions that are rained out will be cancelled. Practices will not be permitted to move to indoor facilities in the event of rain.
  • Competition pods are encouraged where possible.  Pods of 3-4 teams competing during the regular season schedule will limit exposure among teams in larger regions