COVID-19 Updates

(Updated 11/1/2021)

As of 11/1/2021, the guidelines surrounding Covid-19 and the CYO Winter sports season are detailed below. Given the increasing severity of new strains of Covid-19, this is subject to change.

Indoor Basketball players must mask while on the sidelines, bench, or any area other than actively participating in a game or practice.

Pods are encouraged to limit the risk of transmission between players, as well as limit the likelihood of an outbreak and necessary quarantine for full teams.

IMPORTANT: Local county guidelines and requirements take precedent over CYO requirements. I.e. if Philadelphia county requires that all indoor activities be masked, that requirement must be followed by the programs within that county. Individual parishes, school entities, or high school site hosts may impose their own COVID requirements for the Fall season, which also take precedent.

Procedures for potential cases, positive cases, and quarantine length will follow the Philadelphia Public Health recommendations, found here: