Insurance Certificate Requests

Please contact your Archdiocese of Philadelphia Risk and Insurance Program for;

  • Certificates of Insurance (COI).  If it’s a renewal from last year, please first contact your HS accountant or parish business manager to download copies available in Quadra. For new requests, please email [email protected] and attach request form with signed contract.
  • Report claims. Even if you are not sure, please let us know about any accidents or incidents by phone.  Please dial 877-852-5246 as soon as incidents occur – there are no forms and no downsides to reporting.  “Approval” through OCE is not first required.
  • Screen Drivers. Anyone who drives a location owned/registered vehicle should first be screened.  Anyone who transports passengers on your behalf, even in their own personally owned vehicle should first be screened (CYO coaches/parents transporting athletes or CYO programs that organize and publicize carpooling).  To screen Drivers, please contact your HS accountant/business manager or Parish business manager to submit request.  Please be advised of restricted vehicle types.
  • Newsletter.  Any employee or volunteer can receive the newsletter, send requests to [email protected]

AOP Insurance Request Form

Insurance, Administration AOP

Motor Vehicle Restrictions

Motor Vehicle Use

Also, for all new certificate requests we will need to review a copy of the contract.  All COI requests should be sent with a copy of the contract/agreement to [email protected] for processing.