Insurance Certificate Requests

Please contact your Archdiocese of Philadelphia Risk and Insurance Program for;

  • Certificates of Insurance (COI).  If it’s a renewal from last year, please first contact your HS accountant or parish business manager to download copies available in Quadra. For new requests, please email and attach request form with signed contract.
  • Report claims. Even if you are not sure, please let us know about any accidents or incidents by phone.  Please dial 877-852-5246 as soon as incidents occur – there are no forms and no downsides to reporting.  “Approval” through OCE is not first required.
  • Screen Drivers. Anyone who drives a location owned/registered vehicle should first be screened.  Anyone who transports passengers on your behalf, even in their own personally owned vehicle should first be screened (CYO coaches/parents transporting athletes or CYO programs that organize and publicize carpooling).  To screen Drivers, please contact your HS accountant/business manager or Parish business manager to submit request.  Please be advised of restricted vehicle types.
  • Newsletter.  Any employee or volunteer can receive the newsletter, send requests to

AOP Insurance Request Form

Insurance, Administration AOP

Motor Vehicle Restrictions

Motor Vehicle Use

Also, for all new certificate requests we will need to review a copy of the contract.  All COI requests should be sent with a copy of the contract/agreement to for processing.